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Location: Worldwide

Year: 2018-2019

In August 2018, I left the Army and set off from home with a second-hand bike.

I wrote this on my blog: “I head alone to the continent excited and nervous. In reality, I don’t know what to fully expect. Either way, an intriguing venture awaits.”

I returned to London in October 2019 having ridden 22,500 miles for 430 days across 4 continents.

Around the World Cycle

The numbers, however, explain little of what the trip actually entailed: the ups, downs, hilarity, anger, isolation, frustration, confusion, hope, delight, relief, joy, sadness and celebration.

I came across some of the most hospitable, friendly, kind and selfless people I’ve ever met. I cycled across vast deserts, up lung-bursting mountains, along Siberian winter roads and through forests. I got lost, ran out of food and water, improvised bike repairs, laughed, cried and cursed.

The trip was everything I hoped it would be.

Around the World Cycle

I’ve never really been able to adequately explain why I chose to embark on any of my expeditions or adventures; the reasons are too varied to put into soundbites. I said before this my aim ‘Was to meet interesting people and see beautiful places.’ If that was the case then I’m happy with the end result.

Thank you to everyone who assisted in making this journey possible. There are too many of you to mention but please know that you made the trip what it was.

My ‘Day in the Life’ video is here

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My route map is below.

The Times Geordie Stewart – Nov 2019