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Geordie combines professionalism and experience with authenticity to give inspirational talks, keynote presentations and lectures around the world alongside bespoke live Q&As and interviews across a range of subjects.

His talks focus on resilience, goal-setting, teamwork, understanding failures and maintaining focus in high-pressure environments.

He is comfortable speaking to corporate audiences, NGOs, adults and school children of all ages and has been highly recommended by the organisers of his previous talks.

© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Montblanc
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Extreme E
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - TedX
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Hurry Up and Wait

Previous clients include:

© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Montblanc
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Glencore
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - TEDx
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - DCMS
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Amazon
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Discovery Channel
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Leaders
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Arc'teryx
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - RNLI
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Alfred Dunhill
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Knight Frank
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Scouting Association
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - University Of St Andrews
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Centre For Army Leadership
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Williamson Tea Lifeboat Tea
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Walking With The Wounded
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Army Training Regiment Winchester
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - SW Mitchell Capital
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Extreme E
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Help For Heroes
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - The Adventure Show
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Mind Over Mountains
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - British Army
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - National Army Museum
© Geordie Stewart - Speaking - Royal Geographic Society

‘Geordie’s talk was a perfect blend of inspiration, engagement, and relevant storytelling. His passion shone through as he shared his learnings from worldwide expeditions. His ability to convey the significance of resilience, determination, and learning from setbacks was both entertaining and empowering leaving a lasting impact for everyone present.


‘Geordie’s eloquent storytelling and passion for life resonated throughout his presentation. His delivered with confidence and eloquence keeping every attendee highly engaged.’

– TEDx

‘I was impressed by the excellence of his presentational skills, as well as his drive, commitment and ambition, without which he would never have reached the summit of Everest. It was one of the best evenings of its kind I have ever attended and is unmissable!


‘Geordie Stewart told of his experiences at the edge of both nature and human disposition. Accomplished, intrepid, seemingly fearless and certainly inspiring. It was a pleasure to work with him and hope to do so again.’


‘Feedback from the staff attending was very positive, finding it highly motivating and could see the parallels of Geordie’s challenges to those currently facing the team.’


‘A pleasure to work with. He was an articulate storyteller who engaged with the audience and delivered. The feedback was hugely positive from everyone.’


‘Funny, thoughtful, inspiring, with terrific photos – he was a perfect speaker for our event.  Guests left completely entranced. I would recommend him for any speaking engagement.’


‘An excellent way to end the conference which certainly has inspired me to think about the challenges ahead. If at first you don’t succeed then try, try, try again.’


‘The talk was a masterclass in captivating an audience. It underscored the importance of passion, focus, and resilience in achieving personal and professional goals.’


‘How much did we love Geordie Stewart! His adventures were definitely an inspiration to all those Scout leaders and past leaders who heard him speak at our event. From his setbacks to his accomplishments, to that moment of triumph on Everest. We’d certainly have him back anytime, and can’t wait to hear what exciting expedition he has coming up next.’


‘The children were on the edge of their seats! Geordie is an eloquent and inspirational speaker. His commitment, passion and drive to achieve would inspire even the laziest of coach potatoes. In a day and age where the Xbox is king, it is wonderful to have a young man talk about real life adventure. We can’t wait to have him back to speak again at the school.’


‘To spend extended periods of time alone – reflecting, learning and understanding yourself, can be a powerful experience. Geordie translates the intensity of his experiences beautifully. To complete the feat is one thing, to illuminate what it feels like is another.’


‘Resilience, self-discipline, determination and teamwork are fundamentals to being a soldier. Hearing Geordie’s presentation was an excellent example of someone speaking articulately through lived experience, hardship and overcoming numerous obstacles. The places he’s been, and people he has met, have given him a unique perspective on life. The number of hands raised at the end of his talk was an example of how well-received it was.’


‘There are few people of Geordie’s age with such determination, resourcefulness and consistent focus. His presentation was extremely well received. His experiences provided lessons we can all learn from.’


‘Eloquent, knowledgeable and relatable. All the guests were engaged and keen to learn more from someone who clearly thinks differently and will no doubt inspire others to do the same.’

‘Geordie succinctly conveys the significance of resilience, determination, and learning from setbacks with energy and humour. His engaging talk was warmly received by the Arc’teryx community, many of whom were looking for inspiration to chase their own dreams with the same courage and persistence that he has shown through his own endurance challenges.’

Please contact us if you’d like to book Geordie for one of your events.