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Hurry Up and Wait: The Secret Life of a Sandhurst Cadet


The Secret Life of a Sandhurst Cadet

Nobody forgets Sandhurst.

The perception from outside is of matchless professionalism, organisation and military efficiency. Sandhurst embodies all these qualities. But they aren’t the whole story. Nor are they what makes it unique.

Hurry Up and Wait provides a captivating peek behind the curtain of the 44-week course that shapes the future officers of the British Army. It’s the story of overachieving instructors meeting underperforming cadets. There’s the stuff you’d expect: parades, marching, making beds, shouting, shooting and standing up straight, all in the name of serving your country.

But the book is also about the people, relationships, laughter, contradictions, chaos and frantic reality that exists below the serene surface. It’s Hogwarts with guns, 140-hour weeks, endless acronyms and half-smoked cigarettes. It is, above all, about playing the game. Welcome to the finest military academy in the world.

His journey took him 13,000 miles, but this isn’t a story of the number of miles ridden. It’s about choosing an unfamiliar path which led him to discover and confront previously unknown truths. It’s a story of people met and insights gained, whether from friends in Europe, farmers in Kazakhstan or the police in rural China. It’s about the impact of feeling humbled, saddened, angry and amused on the road.

Above all, it’s about what life is really like on a bike without a home: a rolling stone.

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Funny but true – an observant and human reflection of RMAS’s benchmark for leadership

Josh Lewsey MBE

Hurry Up and Wait is a funny, illuminating and authentic story of what life at Sandhurst entails’

Johnny Mercer MP – Cabinet Minister for Veterans’ Affair

‘Humour, heartache, frustration, pride, challenge and adventure; all the ingredients for a cracking read.’

Major General Paul Nanson – Sandhurst Commandant 2015-2020 and author of ’Stand Up Straight.'

‘Irreverent, honest, hilarious, but serious too… I cannot recommend this highly readable and authentic book enough.

General Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO