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Around the World Cycle

Around the World Cycle

In August 2018, I left the Army and set off from home with a second-hand bike. I returned to London in October 2019 having ridden 22,500 miles for 430 days across 4 continents.
Seven Summits - Everest

Everest 2011

The Seven Summits

My memory of leaving Everest Base Camp in 2010 was subdued. I remember taking a final glance at the North Face and wondering whether I would be back to give it another shot. It remained unfinished business.
Seven Summits - Antarctica - Vinson

Seven Summits

Geordie's record-breaking journey to climb the highest mountain on every continent.
© Geordie Stewart - Greenland

Endurance Events

A collection of running, cycling, and cross-country ski races that I have competed in over the past few years.