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Where is Geordie?

  • 31st August 2018

Geordie will update his position when he is in a position to do so. If you want to follow his progress with photos and videos then follow him on Instagram or see his Blog.

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Round The World Cycle

Unknown Beginnings

  • 30th August 2018

Richard Burton "The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands." Day 20 – 2,389km I write this while on the Italian/Slovenian border having spent the past three weeks churning away the pedals enough to…

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Around the World Cycle

  • 7th August 2018

Simone de Beauvoir "To exist is to dare to throw oneself into the world" That little bit of trepidation before embarking on an adventure is something we’ve all experienced before. There’s the anxiety of what could go wrong. The fear…

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