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How to publish a book

I was asked by a friend why I decided to publish a book and not just write a diary. There are a few obvious differences between a diary and a book; the most obvious being one is shared, the other…

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How to get sponsorship for an expedition

Sponsorship is everywhere around us from TV advertising and newspapers to professional sport and posters on the London Underground. The world of adventures and expeditions is no different. If you can offer front-page news stories, primetime TV and millions of…

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How to pay for an expedition

Over the past decade or so, I have been fortunate to go on a variety of expeditions. One of the most common questions is how I pay for it. It’s fair enough; I asked the same thing when I was…

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Best Cycle Touring Apps

If you’re anything like me, there’s a fascination with rewinding the clock when it comes to expeditions. That means there is both envy at the pioneering element of their achievements and bewilderment how they managed to do it. Their technology…

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