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Spirit Of Exploration

Spirit of Exploration

“The star of Montblanc represents values that have true relevance in a world of change: timelessness, tradition and durability.”

I’m so proud to be working with Montblanc for the launch of their 1858 watch collection this summer. This range includes the unique Seven Summits inspired 1858 Geosphere.

Montblanc is a brand I’ve genuinely loved for many years. For me, that white star is indicative of a stylish brand with iconic writing instruments, beautiful timepieces and fine leather goods. I was given a Meisterstück fountain pen as a present a decade ago and have written some of my most important letters with it.

The #spiritofexploration campaign for the 1858 collection is so fitting and one I feel a complete affinity with. The spirit of exploration and adventure is at the core of us as humans. It’s the deeply ingrained desire to explore and see the world. I strongly believe in that and also with this Montblanc campaign.